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Real Results - My 12 week skin transformation - Part 3

This is the final part of Monika's blog on her insight into her 12 week skin transformation the results speak for themselves..

Week nine

This week was slightly different in that I had Anna do my treatment. It highlighted my thoughts that every therapist has different methods in delivering the same treatments.

I had checked with Helen about what I should do to protect all this hard work that had gone into my skin development as was going away the next week so I didn't want to undo all the hard work.

To my delight all the skin creams etc. come in 50ml which is great for travelling . Helen had got me some Collagen Shots in sachets so they were really handy to pop into my bags.

Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment this week, I am getting far too excited about having a holiday at last!

At least my skin will look good!! (Can't say that about my body still fighting the lockdown weight!!!)

Week ten

Back to see Helen after my holiday. She said my skin was in good condition and I was pleased to hear it.

I told her I had used everything whilst away and avoided putting my face in the sun but on walking around that is difficult to do so I was hoping it hadn't done any damage!

I had my Geneo which was lovely again, it still leaves me lovely and relaxed and it's a shame I can't be transported to my bed immediately afterwards as I know I could drift off to sleep with no problem!

Helen stated that next session will incorporate a skin resurfacing peel to take off any dead cells which have appeared and I'm looking forward to it. Only two more treatments left, the time has gone quickly!

Week eleven

Today I had the resurfacing peel to remove any dead skin cells. This was a tingly sensation but not unpleasant. This was then followed by GeneO and a Photo Dynamic Dynamic treatment.

Helen asked me to think about any products I may still need but there is nothing immediate that I can think of and I am nearing the end of the treatment period. The creams etc. do go a long way.

As a footnote to the session, on my way out a lady was in reception about to have a facial treatment I think. I did my usual "zoned out' look and walk into reception. I had my face mask on but she commented on how relaxed I looked. I explained what I was having done and she told me what she was going to have done. I advised her that she would be back for more after her first time and she would feel absolutely brilliant in a short while.

Week twelve

My last treatment, I cannot believe it's been twelve weeks in all since this wonderful skin journey began so what to write about my last session. Needless to say there is an element of sadness as I really have enjoyed my weekly jaunts to the salon, I do have other salon treatments so no doubt I will still be visiting the salon but it won't but as frequently.

So what have I gained from all this ?

Obviously the main thing I have gained is great skin in texture and tone. Helen took another photo and although I don't like photos of myself even I could see the difference.

I have also learnt the do's and don'ts to looking after your skin as you get older. It covers the whole of your body so you have to take care of it especially against the climate and pollution.

Taking care of your skin every day and night, inside and out. E.g healthy diet and taking the skin supplements Collagen Shots on a daily basis have all helped to significantly improve my skin.

Having put in a lot of effort and a commitment to supporting the weekly treatments, I am going to continue the effort to maintain my skin condition and take all advice from Helen given during the twelve weeks.

For now I am looking forward to my monthly maintenance treatments.

Finally, and I know any readers that are still reading this will want to query the costs. I won't tell you how much this cost as I appreciate costs could go up in the future but what I will say is ...

I felt a bit frivolous in spending so much on 'me' even though I knew that it would include an in depth consultation, weekly treatments and homecare and supplements during the

treatment period.

However now I can honestly say when you break it down over twelve weeks of brilliant sessions and wonderful skin products, it really isn't a high cost at all.

I would recommend this journey to anyone who is for any reason looking to improve their skin.

Thank you Helen...I will be back!


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