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Top skincare tips this winter

My skin is always the first to show it is missing the warmer months.

With the central heating and the lack of vitamin D we have to work extra hard to give our skin the extra glow it needs at this time of the year.

But don’t worry we are here to help!

Here are my top skincare tips to help your skin:

1. Use Katherine Daniels exfoliating gel once a week.

How to use this:

Apply a small amount ( less is best with this product) on to clean dry skin.

Leave on the skin for 5 minutes for the gel to melt into a silky oil.

Massage gently over the skin for a minute or two then rinse thoroughly with a damp mitt and then tone.

This will give your skin radiance and create a smooth feel to the skin.

2. Follow with the Katherine Daniels Repairing Nourishing mask.

Pop onto clean skin, leave for 15 minutes before removing with our Micro Cloths.

Or if your prefer use it as an overnight sleep mask.

Pop it onto your cleansed skin 10 minutes before bed.

The creamy mask will absorb into your skin and while you sleep it works its magic!

This will leave your skin plump, soft, supple, hydrated and comforted.

The repairing nourishing mask is a product I personally can’t live without and even use it on the back of my hands when I have a spare 20 minutes.

I hope this gives you a couple of ideas to give your skin the glow it needs for these winter months.

Love Anna xx

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