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What is rosacea and how to treat a sensitive skin

Rosacea affects 1 in 10 people in the UK . It is an inflammatory condition of the skin on the face, characterised by enlarged blood vessels.

Rosacea results in flushing or blushing that lasts longer than normal.

This can be accompanied by a burning or stinging sensation.

The rashes (erythema) appear like sunburn and may be accompanied by pimple like eruptions. This is known as acne rosacea and is a second stage to the condition.

It is seen on the face usually in a ‘butterfly’ shape from the centre of the forehead, across the nose, cheeks and chin.

It is more likely to occur on certain skin types. Fair hair, fair eyes and fair skinned people are more prone to rosacea.

It is common to first appear during perimenopause and menopause due to hormone imbalances and changes in body temperature due to menopausal hot flushes.

Why does rosacea happen?

Cells need oxygen for their ability to function and be healthy. Oxygen is provided by the micro-circulation.

During the onset of rosacea, cells become ‘suffocated’ from the lack of oxygen and oxygenated blood. The micro-circulation becomes restricted, resulting in a greater lack of oxygen reaching the cells. Now we see superficial redness and flushing. The development of rosacea begins.

What can trigger rosacea?

Although they're not thought to be direct causes of the condition, many people with rosacea find certain triggers make their symptoms worse.

Different people can have different triggers, but triggers that have been commonly reported include:

  • exposure to sunlight

  • stress

  • hot or cold weather

  • strong winds

  • strenuous exercise

  • alcohol

  • spicy foods

  • humidity

  • caffeine – found in tea, coffee and cola

  • the menopause

  • dairy products

  • other medical conditions

Understand what triggers your skin to flare up

It may be the curry you enjoyed last night, It may be the glass (or 2) of wine you drank. Or it may have been the sunny but windy day at the beach. When you understand what your skin triggers are you can choose to avoid them or work with your skin to respond to them.

It is important to improve the skins natural defences, so that it can defend itself and become strong. There is often congestion within the red areas, but don’t reach for the spot creams or skin stripping lotions and potions. Your skin is sensitive and must be treated very gently.

If your skin has been getting more sensitive over many years ,you won’t be able to fix it up in a few weeks. Remember, commitment, consistency and the correct products will be your skin saviour.

What products to use

Because of its lightweight formulation we recommend Sensitive Skin Cream if you’re suffering with advanced stages of rosacea. This inflammatory skin condition often appears as a butterfly shape from the middle of your forehead, across your cheeks, nose and chin. You may suffer from persistent redness and visible blood capillaries. Your skin will be sensitive, reactive, with pimples throughout the redness. In more severe case you may see a thickening of your skin, especially around your nose, the redness may then get deeper and look purple in colour.

Sensitive Cream is a lightweight texture, it’s a gel cream. It brings a soothed skin finish without surface oiliness, it will immediately calm the surface of your sensitive skin.

Thanks to the comforting and soothing formulation it will help to reduce the signs of skin sensitivity: pain, swelling, itching, redness and heat. With regular use your skin will be restored, it will be more able to defend itself and to act youthfully. Sensitive Rich Cream works in the same way but has a comforting texture ideal for a drier skin and those with first stages of rosacea . It cocoons your fragile skin bringing an immediate calming sensation. It will immediately soothe the surface of your dry sensitive skin.

Treatment boost for Rosacea and Sensitive Skin uses the power of calcium rich red algae and plant stem cells to quickly calm and soothe your skin. Inflammation associated with sensitivity & rosacea will be reduced, fragile skin will become stronger, calmer, more comfortable and able to defend itself from external and internal aggressors.

It goes without saying Daily DNA Defence SPF30 is essential in protecting the skin and providing your final coat of armour against the environment.

This is one of our clients who suffers with rosacea and has been using the Treatment Boost for Rosacea, Sensitive Skin Rich cream and Daily DNA Defence SPF30 and had a series of salon treatments .

A initial course of Age Defence Sensitive Skin treatment which helped to strengthen the skin followed by a course of Photo Dynamic Therapy An anti-inflammatory treatment for sensitive skin and rosacea which reduces redness, repairs and soothes. The skin is strengthened and oxygenated and able to function more effectively.

You can see how much calmer and hydrated her skin looks in the second photo .

If you're not sure which products can help your skin then why not book a skin consultation

We look forward to seeing you soon

Helen xx

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