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Travel Essentials

Packing for a holiday can be a nightmare.

Once you've packed your capsule wardrobe for your time away (something I am yet to master) you then have the problem of your skincare products.

Whilst the temptation is take everything with you (just in case) it really is possible to maintain your skincare routine with a few essential items that will leave you more room for that extra pair of shoes you just can't bare to leave behind!

The Katherine Daniels Miracle Cleansing Jelly is your ideal travel companion this 3 in 1 product replaces your eye make up remover, cleansing milk, toning lotion and also can be used as an aftersun hydrating mask. This 100ml tube also fits in with current hand luggage criteria.

An absolute must is of course your SPF and the Katherine Daniels Daily DNA Defence SPF30 will give you greater protection that you think. Perfect for daily use and powerful enough when you’re poolside.

  • It’s broad-spectrum protection for your skin (UVA & UVB).

  • It’s blue light neutralising and pollution protection.

  • It defends and repairs your cells DNA.

  • And it doubles as an exceptional make-up primer.

Use it as your final coat of armour and this will ensure no burning, no breakouts and those pigmentation marks will be kept under control.

Remember to re-apply every 2 hours if you’re swimming or getting a little sweaty!

Every time you've been out enjoying the sun your skin will be working hard to repair itself once the sun goes down and yes sun-kissed skin may look beautiful but your skin changes colour in the sun because it has been damaged. Yes a suntan is sun damage! After exposure to UV all day your skin will be working hard to put things right.

The Katherine Daniels Total Skin Repair Concentrate is one of those aftersun hero products you do not want to be without.

Every now and then you can get caught out with the strength of the sun, like I did when on holiday. The sea breeze meant I didn't realise I'd burnt my forehead.

However a generous layer of Total Skin Repair Concentrate applied over-night and voila calm soothed skin by morning.

This SOS product when used daily, after 42 days also encourages your skin function like it did 10 years ago. It is a fabulous anti- ageing concentrate!

Not forgetting your body after a day in the sun, the Katherine Daniels Nourishing Hydrating Balm is the perfect body moisturiser that absorbs quickly into the skin , leaving you ready to enjoy a few more cocktails on the beach..

  • It’s hydrating

  • It’s nourishing

  • It’s skin repairing

  • It’s skin soothing

  • It’s skin comforting

  • It’s tan enhancing (because your skin will be in great condition)

  • It’s tan extending (because your skin is in great condition and peeling will be limited or stopped)

  • And we have a mini tube, which is ideal for your inflight bag… genius!

Now your holiday ready, don't forget your passport and have a fabulous time!

Love Helen x

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