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Dehydrated or oily skin, what's the difference?

Updated: Feb 18

Day to day in the salon we see clients who often think they have oily skin type. Maybe this is you too. Your skin feels dry but then gets a shine during the day .

It’s the midday shine, the underlying congestion and open pores which will make you think this. Usually it’s not the case. The dryness is likely to be your skin type (you probably feel this more on your cheeks) but the shine you see later in the day is likely to be your skin condition, which is dehydration (you probably see this more on your forehead, nose and chin).

Often with a dehydrated skin the pores are open and grey in colour and if you are tempted to try and squeeze them to find nothing comes out then these is a sure sign your skin is dehydrated. Open pores secrete oil and moisture onto the skin and shine can be a good thing since it shows your skin is functioning well .

If the shine on your skin is a light fluid then this is recognised in a dehydrated skin.

Dehydration often occurs when the skin barrier is compromised this can be caused by using the wrong products or not looking after the skin properly.

On the other hand, if you have oily skin you will notice a thick and waxy secretion forming on your skin.  Your skin may also take on the thickened appearance of orange peel and you will be likely to have what I call ‘true plug blackheads.’ 

Your skin barrier is the outer most protective part of your skin. It’s slightly acidic in pH to keep bacteria under control. Its role is to keep the ‘good stuff’ in and the ‘bad stuff’ out. . A damaged skin barrier cannot carry out its role effectively.

When compromised the acidic pH changes, it cannot keep the ‘bad stuff’ out as effectively. It can’t keep ‘the good stuff’ in (oil and water). You will notice that your skin secretes a light fluid, this is a mix of both vital components of your healthy skin.

Are you noticing more fine lines?

Your skin holds moisture through every layer. Skin dehydration leaves these water reserves depleted. Because of the lack of water within your skin you’ll find that lines and wrinkles look worse. This is the look of a parched, depleted skin. Like the ground in summer which cracks when parched.

If you don’t usually see lines on your skin but have noticed fine lines forming horizontally on your skin. Don’t panic these aren’t wrinkles. These are lines of dehydration and will easily be erased by rehydrating your skin.

The Age Defence Nourishing Hydrating treatment is the ideal facial to help overcome the dehyration and smooth and plump the skin . The results can be seen here after one treatment.

Improving your skin barrier and rehydrating the skin can be done quickly and effectively with the Katherine Daniels Rehydrating Concentrate and Rehydrating Cream

It is crucial that products must be applied to clean and regularly exfoliated skin.  For hassle-free cleansing I recommend the Miracle Cleansing Jelly or our Refreshing Cleansing Gel To exfoliate I advise using our non-abrasive Essential Exfoliating Gel that works to dissolve dead skin cells and will leave your skin prepped and smoothed.

If you would like more advice with what your skin needs then why not book a consultation with one of our skin experts. We will advise you on understanding your skin type and how you can achieve great skin with an uncomplicated skin care regime.

Love Helen x

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