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The Truth About Botox by Dr Rik Kapila


We only notice the lip that has been filled badly – the lip that looks artificial and overfilled. It’s bound to deter women who want a lip with a natural shape and volume, pairing top and bottom lips to complement each other: the day to day lips that are discrete yet beautiful, that can transform in a night out to be luscious and shapely when the lipstick comes out….

I only use the best quality filler, supplied by Juvederm UK – a natural product that is smooth and a joy to work with. It doesn’t clump or lump and offers great value as it lasts up to 18 months.

What I love about lips, is how science and art meet – The science of a product that integrates to become part of you, meeting the art of creating the shape, dimension, and volume you desire.

Medical Botox

As a doctor I get the greatest satisfaction from the medical Botox treatments I perform. Whilst the cosmetic side can be therapeutic by boosting self-esteem and confidence, being able to alleviate painful troublesome and embarrassing symptoms can have such a positive impact on people's lives.

One patient and aspiring actress that no longer sweats for her armpits has gone on to secure her first West End roll. A gentleman who has suffered with migraines for over 20 years is now free of the medication that makes him drowsy and leaves him in a foggy haze. Another no longer suffers from hay fever and can be outdoors in Spring without fear of streaming eyes and running nose; and stopping the headaches, jaw ache and worn down molars of a lady with teeth grinding, has allowed her to get the veneers she has always wanted for that perfect smile - she looks amazing!

Your Questions - answered

How can I reassure those readers who have been considering Botox for some time, but have concerns? Well, let me try and address those common concerns and dispel some myths...

Is Botox safe?

Of all beauty treatments, Botox has withstood the test of time. Its use in hospital medicine continues to grow and the doses in hospital treatments far exceeds the tiny amounts used on the skin surface. As we only need very tiny amounts, reactions are very very rare. Any safety concerns arise from the person placing the Botox - they should know your muscles, where it will have the desired effect, and how much to use. As a hospital consultant, I understand the underlying structure and anatomy, and so am best placed to provide your treatment. There must also be trust between you and the provider. That can only come from meeting and planning your treatment. I provide a free consultation and will answer all of your questions.

Will it hurt?

I often get patients presuming that Botox or Filler will be very painful. I can honestly say that I have never had a patient say it was more painful than expected, nor have I had to stop a treatment due to pain. The needles we use are small and we have tricks to minimise any discomfort. Products also contain local anaesthetic and we can use numbing cream as well. The experience of the practitioner is also important in knowing how to handle your skin and decrease pain. It is something we can talk about during your opening consultation and personalized treatment to tackle and overcome your fears.

But Why have Botox?

Some people ask why? Why get rid of that line, that wrinkle?  Well why not! Why not be the best you? Why not spend a little attention on looking and feeling good? A little like the therapy of a new dress or new shoes, why not tackle the something that you dislike when you see it in the mirror?

We spend so much now on creams and serums the promise to boost collagen, promise to combat aging, promise to plump and smooth. Hundreds of pounds on an industry with so little evidence; such small gains from so much investment, when we have medically proven interventions that can complement your daily rituals to maintain your facial structure, smooth your skin and give you the youth you hope your beauty products will. We can focus on your complexion and look to overcome some of the damage of the sun; we can use skin peels to remove the layers of dead cells that give rise to open pores and blackheads and  expose the bright, fresh younger cells from underneath that give you a healthy glow.

We can use elements of the liquid facelift to help overcome the effects that gravity and time have on your face. A subtle lift to restore your cheekbones, to reduce the lines from your nose to your mouth and lift the tiredness from around your eyes.

When should I start?

Surely you're too young for Botox?  Or are you? How we view Botox has changed. – Rather than waiting until deep lines and wrinkles set in, Botox is now seen as a preventative measure.

Sat opposite your mum, as you catch up over coffee you noticed that permanent crease between her eyes. You’ve noticed your sister has it too! Later that evening as you go through your night time beauty rituals, you notice in the bathroom mirror that you’re frowning and there it is again that deep furrow between your eyebrows! Thankfully, unlike your mum's, it nearly disappears completely when you relax. Phew….

But the problem is, the repetitive frowning that makes the lines permanent is already in full swing -often we can't help it - it runs in families - your sister's is worse!  Oh, if you could only break the habit of frowning so hard, you could buck the family tradition! Well the secret is you can. Taking away the over activity of the muscle can prevent overlying skin from wrinkling.

The same can apply for forehead lines from raising you eyebrows and that bunny line from wrinkling your nose. It’s often easier to prevent a line that get rid of it completely. Botox usually needs repeating about 2-3 times per year but once you've had it for a while and you've lessened those overactive muscles you'll be making less lines and it will start to last longer and longer.

The Consultation

So what will happen at our consultation? Well, we will identify what it is that has led to you coming to see me. Patients have often been considering treatment for a long time. It may be an expression line or wrinkle; a sign of aging, sun damage or something that runs in the family. We will take photos to guide our discussion and establish what it is that you would like to achieve. We will explore your options and their costs; we will keep it realistic and honest and set a time frame and budget to work to.

Lines have often been forming over years, even decades and it may take a while to combat them. We will take a natural approach to delay the signs of aging; we aren't looking to create too much change too quickly so that our work is discrete and subtle. We are looking to maintain and preserve you at your best, so that you look as young as you feel.

The therapy of what we can achieve is so powerful. Studies in America show that Botox can be more powerful than antidepressants at lifting mood and creating a sense of well-being. How you look and how you feel are so intricately linked. The power to give self-confidence and self-belief makes what I do so rewarding. From patients telling me that they now embrace being in those family photos then make precious memories, to those patients simply wanting to feel ready for summer!

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