The Truth About Botox by Dr Rik Kapila


We only notice the lip that has been filled badly – the lip that looks artificial and overfilled. It’s bound to deter women who want a lip with a natural shape and volume, pairing top and bottom lips to complement each other: the day to day lips that are discrete yet beautiful, that can transform in a night out to be luscious and shapely when the lipstick comes out….

I only use the best quality filler, supplied by Juvederm UK – a natural product that is smooth and a joy to work with. It doesn’t clump or lump and offers great value as it lasts up to 18 months.

What I love about lips, is how science and art meet – The science of a product that integrates to become part of you, meeting the art of creating the shape, dimension, and volume you desire.

Medical Botox