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What is Lipofirm and how does it actually work?

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Lipofirm can be used almost anywhere on the body for example, for a bum lift , tummy tightening, front or back of thighs or even those bingo wings.

On the face it gives a skin tightening facial which also includes a jowl lift.

The machine uses Radio Frequency to smooth fine lines and wrinkles this works by helping the fibroblasts (skin cells) to work more efficiently which will then create more collagen. You get a fantastic instant result after one treatment (however for best results a course is recommended) this keeps working within the skin and you have the most collagen 12 weeks after your first treatment. How amazing right!

The RF (radio frequency) actually heats the skin up to 40 degrees and up to 70 in the dermis. Which sounds very hot I know but when continually moving the heat on the skin this can feel very relaxing and is warm and soothing.

We also use something called DMA (dynamic muscle activation). I’m afraid this isn’t quite as relaxing and can feel a little bit strange at first. I found the more you try and relax the better it feels… just think of those results!

The DMA works by removing fat, it squeezes the fat layer, which will then be used up as energy (exactly how you would if you were exercising). It will lift and contour the area and reshape the body, improve cellulite and inch loss … I mean what more could you want?

Did you know with our Lipofirm facial we are working on the same layer of muscles a surgeon would lift and tighten if you had a face lift?

Pretty impressive don't you think?

However our treatment comes without any down time so you can go straight out after!

To book a consultation or find out more give us a call and we can help you start on your transformation.

Love Anna xx

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