Exhausted? Recharge your feet with Vitamin C. Vitamin C slows the rate of free radical damage which causes skin dryness and wrinkles.
Vitamin C is a free radical “scavenger”. It stops the free radical attacking the skin cells. Because…. science!

If you are really interested, what actually happens is that the process of covalent bond breakage by the free radical occurs in atom after atom in the skin. Multiple successive changes as covalent bonds are broken, electrons stolen and new covalent bonds constructed causes significant damage to the skin cell. This process is called oxidation and it is the same process that allows an apple to go brown when the insides are exposed to the oxygen in the air.

Vitamin C has the ability to pick up (scavenge) the free electron in the radical and form a stable bond. The radical is “neutralised” and no longer has the ability to cause cell damage at the molecular level. So, hurrah for Vitamin C! Also, congratulations if you read this far, you are probably a geek……like me.

VOESH™ Vitamin Recharge individual spa pedicure collection is a four-step treatment that enriches skin with key ingredients to give feet much needed nutrients.

Each set is individually packed with the right amount of product for a single pedicure, ensuring a clean and hygienic spa pedicure solution.

Each set includes:

  • Sea Mineral Salt Soak
  • Foot Scrub
  • Mud Masque
  • Massage Lotion system.

VOESH Pedi in a Box 4 Step - Vitamin Recharge