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Fragrance is the ultimate way to journey to your favourite destination. Your happiest memories are renewed by a single scent. Our Essential Fragrance allows you to relive your happiest memories each time you open your wardrobe, a drawer or drive your car. 

Notes: Rose, Violet & Amber

An enchanting rose laced with musk & violet. With a warm woody whisper of amber. This fragrance is glamourous and engaging.

“You’ll love this if the gentleness of rose, is your ‘thing’. This is my favourite of the collection. It brings back memories of long Summer evenings with family and friends in my beautiful garden. I can almost hear, the clinking of glasses. The tinkling of laughter. And kids giggling loudly as they run through the water sprinkler! Its warm but completely spellbinding.” Kirsti Shuba, Katherine Daniels Co-founder


Essential Fragrance - Mesmerising, Hypnotic, Spellbinding

  • In the Essential Fragrance the oils are a mixture of essential oils and perfumes mixed with an Augeo base - the full range is Vegan friendly and has been Vegan Society approved.

  • 1. Unscrew the silver cap & remove the stopper. 

    2. Replace the silver cap & tighten securely. 

    3. Invert the bottle for 1-2 seconds, a longer time will give a stronger fragrance. 

    4. Hang your bottle using the cord attached. 

    5. Periodically tighten the silver cap. 

    6. To refresh your fragrance repeat Step 3. 

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