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The truth about Acne

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Acne is caused when hair follicles become blocked by the excess oil which mixes with dead skin cells leading to blackheads, pustules and papules.

Excess oil that is produced by the skin, overflows the sebaceous glands and leaves a thick waxy oil on the skins surface.

The PH of an oily skin is higher than normal and its alkaline state allows the development of bacteria.

There is only a small percentage of the population have true oily skin.

However there is a larger percentage who have a ‘man made’ problem skin because they have chosen to use harsh products to treat the skin.

It becomes a vicious cycle as the harsh products strip the skin of its natural oils so the skin over compensates to produce more oil. The surface of the skin often then becomes dry and sensitive as well as having spots and blackheads.

Sound familiar?

There are a number of other factors that can cause acne.








Medical Conditions



Think you’ve got acne?

Your skin naturally has a shine to it which a lot of people mistake for oil. Your skin doesn’t just secrete oil, sweat is also secreted which forms the skin acid mantle (your skins natural protective barrier).

In a nutshell, shine can be a good it shows healthy skin function!

How do we treat acne?

Well believe it or not you need to keep the skin hydrated, it still needs moisture.

Choose a light weight oil free moisturiser. If the skin has become sensitive we need to treat the sensitivity to help strengthen the skin and encourage it to function better.

Double cleansing is a must. Your first cleanse will remove dirt, make up and impurities, your second cleanse will cleanse your skin. Avoid using harsh cleansing products that will strip the skin. Whether you choose a wash off cleanser, cleansing milk, all in one cleanser, it’s all down to preference. Just ensure you remove your cleanser properly, especially around the jaw and hairline.

Avoid using harsh exfoliators, the skin is often more sensitive and these products may make the skin even more irritated. An AHA exfoliator works chemically rather than physically and will gently digest and dissolve the dead skin cells from the surface without irritating the skin.

Avoid the temptations to pick or squeeze spots. If you do the skin can become more inflamed and can lead to scarring.

A combination of both the correct skin care and salon treatments would be recommended but if you can only do one or the other, we would always advise the correct skin care first. What you do every day, implementing a skin care routine to suit you and your lifestyle is essential not only will you see significant improvements in your skin it will also get you into a good habit morning and evening.

You can book your skin consultation with one of our therapists here to find out how we can help you achieve better skin for life.

Helen x

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