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The best beauty advice I've ever received...

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Was to treat your nails as jewels and not as tools.

This may seem obvious to some, however when you really think about it do you find yourself picking at that cellotape or using your nails to dig that weed out of the garden you caught sight of through the window, thinking to yourself it won’t take a minute and next thing there you are 30 minutes later still not using your tools and instead your nails?

As autumn has now approached us we are starting to see a lot more burnt oranges, deep reds and rich purple colour trends for our nails. Whether it’s gel or normal polish this will last so much better if you nails are nourished and cared for. By wearing your gloves to garden and your marigolds to wash the pots, your nails will be much stronger in no time. These little adjustments can make a huge impact for your nails and how they look.

Did you know that your nails ‘don’t breathe’ which is why it's essential you protect them. You wouldn't dream of not apply moisturiser to your skin and the same goes for your nails.

Whether is a strengthener such as Restoration for damaged nails or Critical Care for soft nails these treatment polishes leave a clear, shiny and healthy glow to the nail plate. They can also be used underneath a coloured polish as a base coat to protect the nails for staining.

My favourite product of them all is Phenomen Oil. It can be used in so many different ways, on top of gel to keep the nails hydrated, added to your usual body moisturiser to make the product richer or can be massaged in each night around the cuticle to soften and nourish the skin and nails.

If you need a little help treating your nails as jewels and not tools, come and speak to one of our experts here at the salon and we can give you a bespoke treatment to help you with your nails to create your ultimate goal.

Anna x

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