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Teenage problems but my skin isn't one.

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Beauty therapist Freya wanted to share her teenage skin care journey and her story is one we are hearing about more and more in the salon...

My Skincare Journey

I was around twelve or thirteen when first I started using skin care products.

I used a Tea Tree foaming face wash and a very light moisturiser, which made my skin really tight, dry and matte.

This is what I thought my skin needed to look and feel like as I always assumed I had oily skin.

I was prone to getting spots, my skin felt rough and had a dehydrated shine to it.

When I started college, we were taught to use a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, exfoliator and a mask.

We performed skin consultations and came to the conclusion that I had an oily skin because of my spots .

I popped over to Superdrug and bought the cheapest products I could find and thought that’ll do!

My skin got worse and became sensitive and dry.

Naturally, everyone at the salon was horrified by what I was using on my face and pointed me in the right direction of which products to use to suit my skin’s needs.

I realise now that I was making my skin worse and aggravating it with the harsh products was using.

I now apply Katherine Daniels products that treat my skin for dehydration, sensitivity and dryness.

This is what I now use on my skin ;

- Micellar face and eye makeup remover.

- Cleansing Milk

- Toning Lotion

- Exfoliating gel (once a week)

- Nourishing hydrating mask (once a week)

- Rehydrating concentrate

- Dry skin cream (morning)

- Sensitive skin cream (night)

- Daily DNA Defence SPF 30 (in the day)

Just using these products alone has completely transformed my skin and made me feel so much more confident in myself. I now feel comfortable going out the house without wearing makeup which I would never have dreamed of doing before.

I have just started having weekly Katherine Daniels Sensitive Skin treatments which have reduced the redness, smoothed and reduced the scarring on my face. The results after just 4 treatments is incredible .

I am then going to follow with a 4 week course of Katherine Daniels Nourishing Hydrating facials to bring back the moisture to my skin which I have stripped away for so many years.

I now understand my skin so much more .

I always thought I needed to keep my skin 'squeaky clean' with products for oily and problem skin.

I associated the dryness and tightness in my skin to be a good thing thinking I was removing the oils and therefore my spots would disappear.

I now realise I was just creating even more of a problem.

I wish that I knew then what I know now but at least I have realised and with even a few simple changes you can really improve your skin .

If you would like to know you can book a consultation where we will advise you on how we can get your skin back on track.

We really would love to help you.

Freya x

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