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Shave every day or wax once a month?

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Did you know the average women shaves her legs 7,718 times in her lifetime....that sounds fun! It’s sad but true, so why would you wax ? Here’s a Brazilian reasons why, well 5 actually...

1. Smoother skin – When you have your legs waxed, the wax pulls the hair out by the root. If you shave you are just taking the superficial hair from the surface. You will be happy to know that waxing can keep your skin smooth for up to two weeks unlike shaving that leaves your legs prickly to touch.

2. Gets rid of dead skin – When you have a waxing treatment you will find the waxing will exfoliate your skin. Waxing takes off the dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and smooth.

3. Less likely to have ingrown hairs – When you use a razor to cut the hair off at skin level or just below it, the end of the hair is blunt and can become trapped under the skin. It can begin growing sideways or in circles. Ingrown hairs often cause  painful infections. Problems are more likely to occur in certain areas, for example the bikini area. After waxing the new hair is thinner and tapered at the end, which means it is less likely to get trapped under the skin.

4. Hair grows back thinner – A big advantage of waxing is that hair comes back thinner and lighter than it does with shaving. If you continue with waxing for long enough, you will eventually have barely noticeable hair in areas that have been waxed. Using a razor can give the appearance of thicker hair, due to the blunt ends of the hair.

5. Waxing lasts longer – Since wax pulls the hair out by the root, it takes much longer for it to grow back. Even if you usually have to shave every day to keep growth down, waxing will give you up to two weeks of bare skin. This is also better for your skin, since it can become very irritated when you shave on a daily basis.

The first wax, if you have always shaved is the hardest. Hairs have been very happy under the skin for a long time so the hair is deep rooted. If you have always shaved then you need to leave the hairs for a minimum of 2 weeks as they need to be at least 1/4 of an inch long to wax. It will probably take 3 or 4 waxes to get all you hairs coming through at the same rate so they are smoother for longer.

It’s best to avoid shaving altogether when you’re waxing regularly (a regular wax should occur every 4-6 weeks). You also need hair to be at a certain length to see the benefits of your wax, so shaving them before a wax is counterproductive. If you shave in between waxing sessions, you also run the risk of irritating your hair follicles which can lead to painful and unpleasant ingrown hairs.

Just before your appointment don’t apply any of your products to your skin as they may interfere with the wax. We recommend you wear loose clothing, avoid tight fitting clothes as they can feel uncomfortable and can cling to the skin. 

After waxing avoid applying fake tan, perfumed lotions or creams to the area, swimming, exercising, sun beds and hot baths for 24hrs. This is because any of the above can irritate the hair follicles immediately after. 

What to use after waxing 

The Katherine Daniels Post Depilation Concentrate is a salon strength after wax treatment  which we recommend continuing to use at home.  When using twice a day on treated areas this salon strength after wax treatment works to inhibit hair re-growth.

The key ingredient Capislow moderates hair growth which works to reduce the quantity and quality of the hair growth by 35% in 28 days! 

After 28 days stop using you Post Depilation Concentrate until the next time you have a wax treatment then start using it again for 28 days. 

After 12-18 months you rid an area of hair and during this time your waxing will become less painful because the quantity and quality of the hair is reducing and you will prevent ingrown hairs. 

Unwanted hair growth - the same rules apply, however the hair growth will slow down but will never stop until the condition that is causing the hair growth is corrected.

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