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Real Results - My 12 week skin transformation - Part 2

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Here Monika tells how it's all change this week.

Week Five

Helen explained that this would be my final Photo Dynamic Red Carpet treatment for a while and we would be moving onto the Geneo facials with perhaps a combination towards the end. There was also going to be a change in the skin regime.

Some of my skin products were coming to an end and I needed replacements, one if which was the Total Skin Repair Concentrate. This tingles slightly on the skin when it is applied but it does make the skin look fresher as it 'repairs' the skin.

My skin is feeling and looking far more rejuvenated. Needless to say I was sorry that part was coming to an end but Helen gave me the Photo Dynamic Anti Ageing and Rejuvenating Serum that I have to use instead.

One of the things I really enjoy during the facial treatment is what I call Helen's "scampering fingertips routine' on my skin. It literally feels like I describe it but its so relaxing and seems to stimulate the outer skin into a healthy glow.

I am sure Helen would give a more scientific name to it but I am sticking to SFR!!

At the same time I am keeping up with a keep fit routine of cutting out alcohol and exercising properly which I mention, not to galvanise the reader into doing any (or giving up any!) but I suddenly realised that my skin is doing the same.

I go to my skin trainer (Helen) who gives me a skin workout once a week and the rest of the week I continue my own skin workout on a daily basis. (the workout equipment changes as my workouts improve my skin condition!!

Good anomaly I think.

Week Six

This week the same treatments applied and rather than repeat all the above I thought I would concentrate on some parts that stand out to me each time. The pampering continues and I’ve got to say that I look forward to this each week. The combination of Geneo and the Photo Dynamic is really working wonders!

This week I will concentrate on the part of the treatment that's called oxygenation. This produces carbon dioxide bubbles on the upper skin layer. It's sends oxygen-rich blood to the area and improving circulation and skin metabolism.

When the skin is oxygenated, it's able to absorb nutrients and active ingredients much better and the treatment is more effective.

This week I asked Helen for some more Multi Tasking Eye Balm as I thought my current one was going to end soon. I also had another supply of Collagen Shots which I really enjoy, I have them every morning before my swim.

Week seven

Well I still have not started on my eye balm so there is more in the tube than I thought!

I was so glad to come for my treatment today and by the end I felt completely relaxed. I have to say I absolutely love the massages of my head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and feet particularly as half my muscles are letting me know that I haven't exercised them before!!

I did ask Helen for advice about sunbathing today as we are going on holiday soon and I do not want to damage my 'new skin'. Helen is really helpful giving me hints and tips.

My homecare also comes in useful travel size tubes so I can continue to use whilst away. I actually know I will do. I am now in the habit and my skin is thanking me for all the TLC.

Week Eight

Last weekend I went to a large family get together, there were members of the family I hadn't seen since 2020, it was sheer joy and very emotional, my heart felt nourished by it all.

On top of that two people independently in conversation asked me whether I had had 'work' done on my face!

By this they were meaning had I had a face lift or botox!

I know I had read an article that a lot of people were turning to cosmetic surgery or dental veneers etc. during the lockdown periods when they were able to see Drs etc. as they felt they could cover any after surgery bruising with their face masks, so I could understand these queries but I was amazed that my appearance convinced them I had had something done!!

There is a definite difference in my skin and its appearance, it looks plumper, more nourished and it's radiant!

Tri-pollar radio frequency used in the Geneo treatment kick starts collagen and elastin

regeneration in the dermis layer which leads to smoother tighter skin and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and it definitely does do what it says on the tin!

I have always had smile lines around the eyes and I am very happy about these but even they are less evident and my jowls are tightening up and my cheeks are plumper all in all giving me a more rejuvenated look.

I started this journey saying to Helen that I wanted to look fresher and more rejuvenated and that's just what is happening. Oh I still haven't started my new eye balm yet !

To be continued ...

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