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Real Results - My 12 week Skin Transformation - Part 1

Meet Monika who recently embarked on our skin transformation programme. Here she tells her story about her 12 week skin journey , starting with her first four weeks..

Week One

It was with great excitement I arrived at Bliss for my first treatment. Helen started the session with a thorough consultation about my health etc. and then asked me what I hoped to achieve from 12 week course.

I have had regular courses of Geneo facials in the past and that was so relaxing ( a couple of times I fell asleep!!) and the after effect on my skin was wonderful, this journey was a bespoke treatment plan based on what my skin was like and what I wanted to achieve after 12 weeks.

So what did I want to achieve?

I am getting older and so is my skin! There are wrinkles and my skin is losing its elasticity so I have jowls developing that I have no control over.

I know this will not reverse but I want to slow down the ageing of my skin and have a more fresher look and try and get the skin rejuvenated.

Based on our discussion and my goals, Helen explained that that was achievable and today we would start with the Photo Dynamic Red Carpet Treatment .

Helen explained what it entailed in this treatment she would be using a face mask which had LED lights in it.

None of her explanation made me anxious at all and I lay down on the couch ready for the treatment after Helen took some mug shots of my face and neck which we would look back on as the weeks go by.

Of course the start of the treatment was to cleanse and exfoliate my skin on my face and neck. With the lovely soothing music in the background I was very happy. It's so relaxing and all the creams smell so lovely that you get a sensory overload with a facial. This is not hurried and it is so stress relieving. I had a slight headache when I arrived at the salon ( due to weather I think) but it had gone as soon as the cleansing and exfoliation process was done.

It was now time to have the mask put onto my skin . Again Helen explain what I may feel during this process (warmth and strong light and my skin may be red after for a while).I had my eyes covered with extra shields but I kept my eyes closed throughout.

The light was a soft yellow, there was slight warmth and it felt like laying on a sunbed doing a bit of sunbathing which I rarely do as I get bored just laying still. Just as I was basking on my beach, Helen gave me a head massage which was divine!!! I haven't had one before and would recommend it to anyone. Another massage followed on my hands and arms!! Not expected at all but so lovely.

Well it was eventually time to leave the beach and the mask was removed and I thought well that

was great thinking this was the end of the treatment but no !

Helen then applied a collagen face mask which feels great and whilst I lay there she gave me a neck, shoulder and foot massage, again this was so relaxing and so unexpected.

My skin felt so soft and two days later still does!! I couldn't help thinking that my glow in the dark

macabre mask must have looked really sinister to Helen!\When all was completed and Helen had applied more creams on my face, I didn't want to move, feeling so pampered and relaxed.

When I finally did get back to the reception area, Helen had put together my home care products and gave me instructions on what to use and when to use them some day and night from now on and some in the morning only. Helen said she would get the instructions printed up and laminated for me next week but send an email to remind me of the regime today. The creams given were to support the treatments in the coming weeks and Helen said they may change to compliment the treatments.

There was also the Collagen Shots supplement which I needed to drink on a daily basis. If I needed more of any product I could request it on future visits.

It feels like Christmas, as I do not know what the next treatment will be in one weeks' time but I know I will be counting the days until the next session.

It has been two days since my treatment, I am following the instructions and I do think my skin looks better, there is natural colour in my cheeks and it feels great. The Collagen Shots taste lovely, I have mine in the morning instead of my cup of tea! You can choose whether to have it am or pm

Week Two

Sadly my week 2 treatment was cancelled, Helen had been pinged! Not only was I saddened not to have the next treatment but I had noticed a change in my skin having done a week's regime at home, day and night. I am starting to get a blush in my cheeks which I have not had for years. As a child I had rosy cheeks but my skin tone altered in adulthood, I avoided using blusher in make up as I wasn't sure I was applying it right and didn't want to look like a clown! Now I have a better complexion and my skin appears to be plumping out which also takes care of the ageing look!

I was eager to show Helen, (felt like a child who had done the homework and wanted to show it to and please the teacher! )

Oh well couldn't be helped so I will have another week to put more work in

and hopefully it will show even more next treatment day. Helen will add another week on the end of my treatment

Week Three

Hooray the day was here when I could show off my skin to Helen. Even my husband is noticing the changes, after two weeks of using the skin regime it really is improving my skin.

I had the same treatment as week one, the only difference was I had a skin peel which did tingle quite a bit but Helen explained why she was using that instead of the usual exfoliation. This time when all was finished Helen mentioned how wonderful my skin was looking and I have to agree with her.

Helen took some more photos and we compared them to the week one shots. It just made me realise that if this was week three, by week twelve there should be a vast difference! I find this whole thing so exciting and of course feel great with the weekly pampering !!

Week Four

The pampering continues, another Photo Dynamic Red Carpet treatment and further discussion on what we may do in the future with Helen.

Of course I have eight weeks to go until the end of my treatment but because I can see the significant difference that its making to my skin I was keen to find out what I can do to maintain the improvement.

Helen explained that we could then look at a monthly treatment for maintenance with a continuation of using the Katherine Daniels products. Talking of products, I am aware that my daily and nightly use of all the creams etc. means some will finish soon but Helen just reassured me and said to just ask for replacements as and when they run out.

The skin regime that I do is now very much part of my work routine. My skin feels so nourished and cherished! I work at the vaccination centres and went in this week and a couple of my colleagues raved about my skin, in their words they said it was radiant and looked so young and fresh, I must admit I felt great after their compliments and it is true my skin on my face and neck is looking in really good condition. Next time I see Helen I will let her know what others are saying!!

To be continued .....

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