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Real Results ! Look at this skin transformation

Meet Shan

I have always taken care of my skin, having monthly facials and using the homecare products recommended to me. During this last lockdown my skin had become drier dull and more sensitive from not having regular salon treatments, my skin was in need of some TLC.

Meet Helen

Being a beauty therapist for over 25 years I’ve seen lots of great results with my facial clients but earlier this year, during lockdown I wanted to offer my clients a real skin transformation programme working with the skin from the inside out.

This would include a 3 month treatment plan to include skincare, supplements and weekly bespoke facial treatments. As we age everything starts to slow down and monthly facials will maintain the skin but a combinaton of skin care, supplements and weekly treatments will achieve far greater results.

After an initial skin consultation and still in lockdown we did weekly online facials. Once the salon was open again Shan had weekly facial treatments and combined with her home care products and supplements week by week her skin just got better and better.

Let’s hear from Shan …

"When I said 'yes' to having my skin transformed by Helen I did not realise that I would be in for such a treat.

My products and instructions came beautifully packaged and I had on-line tutorials to teach me how to do my facials properly. Helen wanted to improve my skin from the inside out too and so I soon got into the routine of Collagen shots and Skin Perfecting capsules. Once I could return to salon the totally blissful facials, peels and massages began. After my final treatment I was gutted not to be going for my usual weekly appointment!

One weekend four separate people have commented on my skin and how great it looks. I am so chuffed. Very early on I noticed my skin was brighter and more plumped up. I have no more dry skin patches or breakouts on my cheeks and my rosacea calmed down. The lines on my nose and mouth are finer now and I like how I look so much more than I did.

When I had my after photo and compared it to my before I was speechless, you judge for yourself. Six months off 60, I feel like a little miracle has happened.

I cannot thank Helen enough, she is a perfect professional but also a lovely caring person. She makes you feel special and she makes you look good too. Needless to say, I have already discussed my next steps with her, and I look forward to many more years of treatments."

Working with Shan over the past 3 months shows what can be achieved combining treatments, homecare products and supplements.

If you want to know more on how we can help you transform your skin you can book a consultation here with one of our therapists

Look forward to seeing you soon.


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