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How to look after your nails at home...

Since visiting the salon is not an option at the moment during this lockdown here is how can you look after your nails at home.
In the salon we use the Jessica nail products and just as there are different hair and skin types, there are also different types of nail that require individualised treatments. Each Jessica prescriptive base coat has been formulated to treat a specific nail problem. However you must remember the basics:
*Nails do not need to breathe (they do not have lungs) and should always be covered with a base coat just like you would protect your skin by using moisturiser.
*Treatment base coats should be used for 6-8 weeks for maximum results.
*Once the nail condition improves, the treatment base coat needs to be changed  
Which is your nail type and what treatment base coat would you use?
The first three base coats are known as ‘drink’ base coats as they will add moisture and hydrate the nail.
DRY NAILS : How would you know if your nails are dry? Well, they tend to have a powdery finish, white spots, ridges.They are often dull in appearance and have no natural shine. If this is your nail type then you want to be using REJUVENATION. Its has Aloe Vera and Jojoba to moisturise and hydrate the nail.
BRITTLE NAILS : What is a brittle nail? Well it tends to be a stronger nail type, they grow really well but they are hard and have no flexibility in them and tend to break very low down. They can be thick and almost claw like. Toe nails are often brittle. If this is your nail type you will need RECOVERY as it has a water protein in it which gives the nail its hydration back to make it more flexible.
NORMAL NAILS : If you have normal nails then they will be pink in colour, the surface will be smooth and they will be strong but flexible. REWARD would be your treatment base coat. It contains Vitamins A, C and E and will nourish and hydrate and promote healthy nail growth. These following three base coats are know as food base coats and will add strength to the nail.
DAMAGED/POST ACRYLIC NAILS : This is probably the most common nail type we see in the salon at the moment, especially for those of you that pick your gel polish off. The nails often feel sensitive they can be thin, dull and hard to grow. RESTORATION is what you need to be using. It contains Echinacea which is healing, Coneflower which is firming and Keratin Soya Wheat Protein which strengthening.
PEELING NAILS : This nail type often has flaking at the free edge of the nail. We’ve all had a nail where the layers have lifted and then there is the temptation to peel the layers off. FUSION would be your treatment base coat it contains Vitamin A which is conditioning and a Rubberised Resin to bond the layers of the nail together.
WEAK NAILS : These nails tend to be soft and difficult to grow. CRITICAL CARE would be your treatment base coat. It is the strongest base coat in the Jessica range and will give quick strengthening results. It is also good for nail biters and is great to use as a growth booster if you have a special occasion coming up as it can double the length of the free edge in within two weeks if used correctly.  
Now that you have discovered your nail type and what treatment base coat you need to use here is how to use them. *If you have any length to the nail you would apply your base coat to the under side of the nail then you would paint the rest of the nail using 8-10 strokes this ensures that you work the product into the nail and remember to seal the tip of the nail as well. You can use Jessica Custom Colour over this, however if you want to improve your nails quickly I would recommend using the base coat on its own. You would then apply the base coat every other day building up the layers for 7 days then remove with nail polish remover and start again. Repeat this process for 6-8 weeks. Once results have been achieved you would then use REWARD as your maintenance base coat for 4-5 weeks and then one week in that 4-5 use your original base coat as a booster.

You will see results if you follow this I promise! You have no excuse not to look after your nails now, do you? Until we meet again

Stay Safe

Helen xx
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