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How to keep your glow

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

The change of seasons can really impact our skin and whilst we tend to avoid resurfacing, peeling treatments in the summer months. Autumn is the ideal time to get your glow back and smooth and brighten the skin.

The big question is ‘How do we do this?' 

Peel away dead skin and you’ll get your glow back. 

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page. Your glow is looking a little less radiant and your skin a little less illuminated…why? 

Your surface dead skin cells are ‘stained’ with melanin. Melanin is produced to protect during UV exposure. It’s this melanin which is your tan. Less UV exposure and your skin will produce less melanin, therefore your skin may look a little dull and lack lustre right now.

Take away the stained cells and your skin will look brighter, but it will look lighter too. One goes with the other. Remember your melanin production is lower without summer UV exposure. You will get your glow back but not your sun kissed glow. It’s the sun that does this for you. If you’re looking for something more intense and you fancy an hour ‘me time,’ our Resurfacing Facial Treatment could be just what you need . 

The Age Defence Resurfacing Treatment 

Our powerful treatment uses a cocktail of skin resurfacing ingredients to effectively reduce fine lines, scar tissue and uneven skin colour. Thanks to our treatment innovation, your skin functions are reactivated, revealing a new skin effect, smooth, plump and even in tone. 

Your skin must be protected from UV after receiving this treatment. Our Daily Defence SPF30 is advised.

Treatment time 1hr  £69.00 

The results are exceptional and the results last. We remove up to 1 ½ of your top layers of skin. But in a gentle way. Don’t panic there'll be no skin shedding and no downtime, and you won’t be leaving your skin vulnerable. Not with this treatment. After the peeling section of the treatment, we care for your ‘new skin’ and encourage proper skin function to keep it working hard for itself.

Here’s some frequently asked questions .

Why do we use AHA’s?

We use AHA’s for 3 main reasons :

1. They give the deepest exfoliation in the quickest time without damaging the underlying tissue 2. They are naturally hydrating to new cells 

3. They have a significant role in skin rejuvenation. Glycolic Acid is the smallest molecule of the AHA family and aids cell regeneration giving instant results and day after day the skin just gets better and better.

Why a 21% Peel?

The power of a peel is shown by how low it takes the pH of the skin. 3.2pH or above is cosmetic peel . 3.2pH or below is a chemical peel . We take the skin to the lowest pH possible (3.2pH) and the Resurfacing Peel is classed as ‘cosmetic’. It gives excellent exfoliation with no down time. 

Why do I need to use an SPF30 after this treatment?

We are giving you a new skin effect revealing new cells that would br damaged by the UV. We recommend that you stay out of the sun for at least 48hrs and use the Daily DNA Defence SPF30 for at least 8 days following treatment. Remember even in winter the skin must be protected from the elements and environment for at least 8 days after treatment.

Can I put make up on immediately after treatment?

You must wait 12 hours after treatment before applying make up.

Do I need a course of treatments?

The Age Defence Resurfacing Treatment can be taken as a one-off treatment to give visible transformation or as corrective course providing the after care advice is respected.

It’s a firm favourite of all of us here in the salon. The Resurfacing Facial Treatment is now available here at Bliss.

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