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How did I overcome dry skin? ...

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

For me dry skin has always been a problem. Sometimes it gets better and sometimes it gets a lot worse. It is hard to pin point what causes this whether it's stress, hormones, allergies, the weather… who knows? The most important thing for me was how I was going to tackle this.

5 years ago, I started working at Bliss Beauty and at this point I was suffering with eczema around my eyes and lips. I felt so embarrassed and would try to cover this up. I then started learning about Katherine Daniels and realised what I needed was a consistent routine to soothe and hydrate my dry skin. For my skin the richer the product the better.

I started with a course of Age Defence Nourishing Hydrating facials. This includes four facials one a week for four weeks to kick start my cells mechanisms and boost the hydration of my skin. This facial includes a collagen mask which strengthens and plumps the skin and who wouldn’t want to lay down for almost an hour and a half for pure relaxation?

My daily skin care routine:

I start off each morning with a double cleanse with my Essential Cleansing Milk to take away all the impurities from my skin. On fresh dry skin I then apply my Concentrate for Dry Skin followed by Dry Skin Rich Cream (which leaves my skin feeling like silk). I won't list all the ingredients but this contains shea butter and red and blue micro algae which if you don’t already know is a very anti-ageing ingredient… you can never start to early!

My skin has improved so much now and has showed me what you can achieve with the correct products and skin care routine.

Remember to “be good to your skin as you’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life”.

If you would like to book a skin consultation and find out how we can help you get your skin back on track you can book in for a consultation here

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