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Eat, sleep, cleanse, repeat...

We all cleanse our skin right? But are you cleansing it properly?

The amount of times I get told “my skin is sensitive so I just use water “ or “I don’t wear makeup so my skin isn’t dirty” or "I use wipes..."

Pollution, makeup, sunscreen and just the natural build up of dead surface skin and sebum can make your skin feel dull, dry and lifeless. Research suggests we spend just 20 seconds cleansing our skin and  when we’re tired it can be tempting to skip cleansing completely (we’ve all done it ).

Water alone will not cleanse your skin. Would you take shower and use just water? Would you clean your kitchen floor with just water? Do you see what I m saying here... 

Makeup wipes don’t really cleanse your skin they smear all the make up, dirt and the dead skin cells over your face and can leave the skin irritated due to the preservatives in them that prevent micro organisms from contaminating the wipes. 

Need I say more...

Now you’ve established what not to do firstly choose the right cleanser.

It's important to find the right cleanser for you . Things to consider are lifestyle, how much time you have, type of cleanser you prefer and whether you need to remove make up.

Need help? Look at our guide at the end of this blog.

Use warm water as hot water will dry the skin out too much and make sure you remove your cleanser thoroughly, the Katherine Daniels micro cloths will remove your cleanser gently and effectively.

If you’re using a face wash ensure your remove all the lather from around the hairline and jawline as if not this can cause irritation and congestion in the skin and don’t forget to include your neck and décolleté .  

Then repeat.

Your first cleanse will remove any dirt,make up and sebum etc but its your second cleanse that will cleanse the skin, leaving it feel soft smooth and bright . For a deeper cleanse the Katherine Daniels Deep Cleansing System combining ultra high frequency vibrations with 1500 soft silicone massage points if used 2-3 times a week as part of your evening cleansing routine will ensure you achieve a supreme cleansing experience leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Now you have every reason to keep your skin clean and bright!

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